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You will enjoy well your holidays in our region:


Our house is located in a calm residential area in Litzendorf (1500 inhabitants), with no traffic noise but only 15 minutes to drive to Bamberg (80.000 inhabitants) and good public connections. You will find all facilities in our village, necessary  for your daily convenience: bakery, butcher's shop, food store, doctor and dentist, bank, drug store. And you can reach them all by foot. We live also nearby a sport and leisure area where you will find soccer fields, a street basketball facility, a half pipe and tennis courts, a walking distance of only 5 minutes. Around Litzendorf there are a lot of small villages, which all have inns that are brewing their own special beers and where you can sit in a "Biergarten".

Bamberg has a lot of sights: a thousand year old dome (cathedral town), many ancient churches (oldest 1000 years old), a baroque town hall middle of the river Regnitz and a remarkable old town (world inheritage). You will have the opportunity to visit some of the museums and exhibitions or enjoy your evening at theatre or concert hall - it is the home of the world's famous "Bamberger Synphoniker". But you can also spend your time in one of the public swimming-baths (indoor our outdoor, with slides) or during shopping.

Litzendorf is on the entrance of a region called "Fränkische Schweiz" (frankonian switzerland), with romantic valleys, hiking paths, knights' castles and stalactite caverns. There you can do climbing, canoeing or enjoy the day on the summer tobbogan . Every day you will find new events for yourself and your kids. The "Fränkische Schweiz" will also be visited by Germans throughout the whole year.

Enabled by good traffic connections (autobahn and ICE railway station in Bamberg) other interesting regions of north and south Bavaria are not far away: Nuremberg (1 hour), Munich (3 hours), Rothenburg (1 1/2 hours), cities in former GDR like Leipzig, Weimar or Erfurt (2-3 hours). Even a short trip to CSFR is possible, e.g. Cheb, Karlova (3 hours).


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